Talk About a time when you used your imagination

Imagination is a very powerful tool, In day-to-day life, there are several occasions where a person needs to use imagination and there was a time back in 2020 in the lockdown period, where I developed a habit of reading novels, I started with reading ebooks and later bought paperbacks.

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So after reading few books I thought of writing a kind of the short story of my own. To be specific a thriller kind of story where a Detective is trying his best to solve a murder mystery. And that same evening I found an advertisement on Instagram that one renowned publication was Initiating a competition where a person has to submit his or her own short story I was very excited.
I started using my imagination to make a rough plot for my story Characters, their names, their appearance How they are involved in that crime directly or indirectly
The Murder spot and situation around that place and so on

I literally wrote 15 pages in 2 hours, I was just writing everything that I was imagining Eventually after few hours a rough story was ready. With everything Humor, fear, suspense, love

I called my friend sent him the entire story and asked him to read that story and edit as per requirements he mailed me a pdf the next day where he added few more things to make it sound more astonishing. I submitted that story for that competition and as a reward a got a book by that publication. Even nowadays I used to write some stories in order to enhance my imagination power.

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So that was the time when I used my imagination to write a story

Written by Shivam Sharma

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