Here we are going to discuss and download IELTS practice tests plus one pdf and audio. so keep supporting us for more updates and free ielts material. Authors of IELTS practice tests plus

Barron’s IELTS practice exams | Download pdf + audio

The practice is very important to achieve a good band score in the IELTS exam. So it is very important to find a good and credible practice material to practice each module of

Barron’s IELTS Strategies and tips | Download pdf and Audio

hope you all are doing your IELTS preparation. We are back with a new and very helpful book for you. Barron’s IELTS strategies and tips. you will get information about this book and

Cambridge IELTS 1 to 15 Books | Download pdf + Audio

Hello guys, hope you all are preparing yourself for your exam and we are also trying our best to provide you with the latest and useful IELTA Books free of cost. Here we


Hello guys, today I am here with a very special book for IELTS speaking. IELTS speaking actual tests Sept to Dec 2020. this book is very helpful. Authors : this book is published

Collins Writing for IELTS | Download Ebook

Welcome back guys, today we are going to discuss a very important book for the ielts exam by a well-known publisher of books “Collins”. Collins Writing for the IELTS. About Collins writing for

Describe a tradition in your country | Sept to Dec 2020

• There are many traditions in India.  • But today I would like to talk about a tradition which is quite popular, especially in North India.  • The tradition is called ‘karvachauth’.  •

Describe a time you saw children misbehave in public | Sept to Dec 2020 | Sample Answer

you should say Where it was What the children were doingHow others reacted to itAnd explain how you felt about it • I go for a walk every day at a park near

List of best vocabulary books: Achieve 7+ bands| ebooks

8 Best IELTS vocabulary books to get 7+ bands in the IELTS exam  Guys, if you are struggling to achieve a good band score in the IELTS exam and always stuck at 6
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