Describe an aquatic animal

Dolphin s head in the surface

Well, I am an animal lover. I do have a dog as a pet, and when I saw other animals, I feel delighted. Even though I don’t know marine life, I know some aquatic animals like sharks, dolphins, octopuses, and crabs. Here I would like to speak about an attractive sea creature, Dolphin.

Well, for the first time I saw dolphins on a TV program! I got amazed by the abilities of this fish. Even yet, I have not seen a dolphin in my real life, and here I am sharing with you my experience of a TV program.

Last month, I was searching for some entertaining stuff on television. While this, I stuck on the national geographic channel. The program was about dolphins. They were explaining the abilities and other facts about the fish.

There were 3 dolphins in a pool. An individual threw a ball towards the fishes, and all three of them commenced playing with the ball. They described that the dolphins are aquatic mammals and the most intelligent animals on the earth.

I eagerly want to see dolphins in my real life. But haven’t gotten any opportunity. Moreover, dolphins are not available in my city, so it’s challenging to find dolphin shows. Hope if I visit any metropolitan city, I will watch a dolphin show.

So, Dolphins are the fishes that I love and want to see in future!

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