4000 essential words 2, download ebook.

improve your vocabulary with one of the best IELTS vocabulary books “4000 essential English words”. this post we will discuss the second version of this book series you can also download the pdf of this book by clicking on the provided links.

4000 essential words 2, download ebook.
4000 essential words 2, download ebook.

About this book :

This book is the second version of English vocabulary in use series. students must read part one of this book series before downloading this book. because there are six versions of all these books and you should complete all these books one by one. so if you want to boost up your vocabulary then follow all the instructions given in this book.

This book contains :

This book contains a total of 30 units which contains different vocabulary words of different difficulty level. this book contains following words.

unittarget words
1anxious, awful, consist, desire, eager, household, intent, landscape, lift, load,
lung, motion, pace, polite, possess, rapidly, remark, seek, shine, spill
2bring, castle, command, counsel, ensure, explosion, jewelry, land, meteor, monster,
northern, remote, southern, statue, steam, submit, temple, upper, weed, wing
3arrow, battle, bow, brave, chief, disadvantage, enemy, entrance, hardly, intend,
laughter, log, military, obey, secure, steady, trust, twist, unless, weapon
4chest, confidence, consequence, disaster, disturb, estimate, honor, impress, marathon,
narrow, pale, rough, satisfy, scream, sensitive, shade, supplement, terror, threat, victim
5ancestor, angle, boot, border, congratulate, frame, heaven, incredible, legend, praise,
proceed, pure, relative, senior, silent, sink, superior, surround, thick, wrap
6abroad, anger, bride, brief, chase, disappoint, dive, exchange, favor, fee, forever,
guy, lovely, mood, palace, permit, protest, sculpture, tribe, youth
7basis, biology, cage, colleague, colony, debate, depart, depress, factual, fascinate, mission,
nevertheless, occupation, overseas, persuade, route, ruins, scholar, significant, volcano
8broad, bush, capable, cheat, concentrate, conclude, confident, considerable, convey,
definite, delight, destination, dictate, edge, path, resort, shadow, succeed, suspect, valley
9admire, aid, attempt, authority, capital, cooperate, defend, destruction, disorder,
division, enable, frustrate, govern, plenty, relieve, reputation, royal, slave, struggle, stupid
10citizen, council, declare, enormous, extraordinary, fog, funeral, giant, impression,
income, mad, ought, resist, reveal, rid, sword, tale, trap, trial, violen
11admission, astronomy, blame, chemistry, despite, dinosaur, exhibit, fame, forecast,
genius, gentle, geography, interfere, lightly, principal, row, shelf, spite, super, we
12abuse, afford, bake, bean, candle, convert, debt, decrease, fault, fund, generous,
ingredient, insist, mess, metal, monitor, oppose, passive, quantity, sue
13anxiety, army, billion, carve, consult, emergency, fortune, guarantee, hike, initial,
intense, lend, peak, potential, pride, proof, quit, spin, tiny, tutor
14apparent, blind, calculate, chat, commit, compose, dormitory, exhaust, greenhouse,
ignore, obvious, physics, portion, remind, secretary, severe, talent, thesis, uniform, vision
15absorb, boss, committee, contract, crew, devote, dig, dine, donate, double, elevate,
flavor, foundation, generation, handle, layer, mud, smooth, soil, unique
16chamber, deny, document, emphasize, fever, flu, freeze, gesture, interrupt, last,
likeness, moreover, perspective, rational, recover, rely, shock, shy, stare, thus
17aim, attach, bet, carriage, classic, commute, confirm, criticize, differ, expense,
formal, height, invent, junior, labor, mechanic, prime, shift, signal, sincere
18ability, agriculture, cartoon, ceiling, convince, curious, delay, diary, element, faith,
grain, greet, investigate, joy, label, monk, odd, pause, priest, profession
19adopt, beg, beyond, costume, exclaim, extend, fool, forbid, illustrate, indeed,
interpret, kindly, motive, nest, origin, reception, reject, silence, stream, tone
20accomplish, approve, approximate, barrier, detect, duty, elementary, failure, gradual,
immigrant, insert, instant, poverty, pretend, rank, recognition, refrigerate, rent, retire, statistic
21astronaut, awake, courage, float, grant, gravity, jewel, miner, mineral, participate,
permission, pour, presence, raw, satellite, scale, skip, stretch, telescope, underground
22alarm, apart, arrest, award, breed, bucket, contest, convict, garage, journalist,
pup, qualify, repair, resume, rob, slip, somewhat, stable, tissue, yar
23alike, annoy, architecture, artificial, chain, distinct, distinguish, dust, excitement, heal,
inherit, manner, mount, roof, shortage, solid, stock, substance, tomb, wound
24bath, bend, chew, disabled, fantastic, fiction, flag, inspect, journal, liquid, marvel,
nutrient, overcome, recall, regret, soul, sufficient, surgery, tough, tube
25admit, bin, bowl, cabin, cash, criminal, dozen, elder, facial, fence, inspire, mere,
neat, occasion, penalty, rude, settle, vehicle, wallet,
26accuse, adjust, amuse, coral, cotton, crash, deck, engage, firm, fuel, grand,
hurricane, loss, plain, reef, shut, strict, surf, task, zone
27apology, bold, capture, cardinal, duke, expose, guilty, hire, innocent, jail, minister,
ordinary, permanent, preserve, pronounce, resemble, symptom, tobacco, twin, witch
28accompany, bare, branch, breath, bridge, cast, dare, electronic, inn, net, philosophy,
pot, seed, sharp, sort, subtract, tight, virtual, weigh, whisper
29abstract, annual, clay, cloth, curtain, deserve, feather, fertile, flood, furniture, grave,
ideal, intelligence, nowadays, obtain, religious, romantic, shell, shore, whee
30an el, assume, borrow, client, downtown, dull, embarrass, fare, former, formula,
found, invest, loan, practical, quarter, salary, scholarship, temporary, treasure, urge

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