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afraid .
When someone is afraid, they feel fear
» The woman was afraid of what she saw
agree.To agree is to say “yes” or to think the same way.The food is very good in that restaurant. B: I agree with you.
angryWhen someone is angry, they may want to speak loudly or fightShe didn’t do her homework, so her father is angry
arriveTo arrive is to get to or reach someplace..The bus always arrives at the corner of my street at 4:00
attack.To attack is to try to fight or to hurtThe man with the sword attacked the other man first.
bottom.The bottom is the lowest part.The bottom of my shoe has a hole in it.
clever.When someone is clever, they can solve a hard puzzle or problem.The clever boy thought of a good idea.
C r u e l.When someone is cruel, they do bad things to hurt othersThe cruel man yelled at his sister
finally.If something happens finally, it happens after a long time or at the end.He finally crossed the finish line after five hours of running.
hide.To hide is to try not to let others see you.The other children will hide while you count to 100
huntTo hunt is to look for or search for an animal to killLong ago, people hunted with bows and arrows
l o t.A lot means a large number or amount of people, animals, things, etc.There are a lot of apples in the basket.
middle [.The middle of something is the center or halfway point.The Canadian flag has a maple leaf in the middle of it.
momentA moment is a second or a very short time.I was only a few moments late for the meeting.
pleased.When someone is pleased, they are happy.»She was pleased with the phone call she received.
promise.To promise is to say you will do something for sure.He promised to return my key by tomorrow
replyTo reply is to give an answer or say back to someone..She asked him what time his meeting was. He replied, “at three.”
safeWhen a person is safe, they are not in danger.Put on your seat belt in the car to be safe
trickA trick is something you do to fool another person.His card trick really surprised us.
well.You use well to say that something was done in a good way.The couple can dance quite well.

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