4000 essential English words 3, Download ebook

Download the third edition of 4000 essential English words book series. One of the best book series to improve your IELTS vocabulary. I recommend you read parts one and two before downloading this book.

4000 essential English words , Download ebook
4000 essential English words , Download ebook

About this book.

As I mentioned above that this is the third version of the one of the best vocabulary series. this book helps you to improve your IELTS vocabulary. with the help of this you can learn many new words of different difficulty levels. There is a total of 6 books of 4000 essential English words and each book contains 600 words.

This book includes:

There is a total of 30 units in this book and each units contains different words of different difficulty level. this book is very easy to use and one can use this book without any help of teacher because this book is made of self-study. this book contains the following words .

unitstarget words
1arise, benefactor, blacksmith, charitable, chimney, compensate, encounter, exceed, forge,
humble, iron, ladder, modest, occupy, penny, preach, prosper, province, satisfaction, sustain
2acquire, awkward, caretaker, deceive, discourage, fake, hatred, hut, inferior, lodge, neglect,
newcomer, offense, overlook, repay, ridiculous, satisfactory, shepherd, venture, wheat
3alley, ax, bunch, chore, decent, disgrace, elbow, grateful, irritate, kid, loose, offend,
overnight, persist, pine, scar, sensation, sled, tease, valentine
4bloom, compact, curl, decay, dessert, dip, distant, eclipse, fairy, grace, leisure, mankind,
passion, pillow, pulse, refresh, sneeze, spice, whistle, wool
5acquaint, cemetery, curse, disguise, fancy, flashlight, hood, inhabitant, nourish, pirate,
publication, riddle, rot, scare, shortly, skeleton, spoil, starve, thrill, wicked
6alert, broadcast, bulletin, bump, chop, closet, console, district, drawer, endure, execute,
grasp, rear, senator, skull, stir, tap, tremendous, underneath, worm
7abandon, ambitious, bark, bay, brilliant, chin, complaint, deaf, enthusiastic, expedition,
horizon, loyal, mayor, mutual, overweight, refuge, restore, rub, senses, veterinarian
8anniversary, arithmetic, ashamed, burst, carpenter, coal, couch, drip, elegant, fabric,
highlands, ivory, mill, needle, polish, sew, shed, thread, trim, upwards
9ail, ally, boast, bounce, bully, carbohydrate, crawl, defeat, dial, dominant, mercy, nod,
opponent, quarrel, rival, sore, sting, strain, torture, wrestle
10absence, aloud, bald, blanket, creep, divorce, imitate, infant, kidnap, nap, nowhere,
pat, relief, reproduce, rhyme, suck, urgent, vanish, wagon, wrinkle
11abnormal, bamboo, blossom, compass, dialect, dishonest, dwarf, ecosystem, fatal, impatient,
leaf, manuscript, marsh, patience, perfume, pond, proverb, pursuit, recite, wilderness
12anticipate, barrel, beam, casual, caution, contrary, deliberate, dissolve, explode, fasten,
germ, kit, puff, rag, scatter, scent, steel, swift, toss, triumph
13aboard, bitter, bullet, devil, drift, enforce, fountain, harbor, inhabit, march, millionaire,
port, sheriff, startle, sweat, trigger, unify, vessel, voyage, worship
14apprentice, assure, bandage, bleed, bond, chef, crown, departure, diligent, emperor,
fiber, horrible, impolite, kneel, luxury, massive, panic, priority, robe, scold
15affair, assembly, bless, cereal, cheerful, diameter, exploit, famine, harvest, merry, nut,
pardon, pharaoh, ripe, roast, routine, scheme, slim, stove, theft
16affair, assembly, bless, cereal, cheerful, diameter, exploit, famine, harvest, merry, nut,
pardon, pharaoh, ripe, roast, routine, scheme, slim, stove, theft
17affection, agency, ash, confine, dismiss, erupt, fate, lava, miserable, navigate, originate,
remainder, retrieve, shallow, slope, span, superstition, sympathy, vibrate, wander
18armor, blaze, boom, cliff, flame, independence, invasion, knight, lightning, rebel, retreat,
revolution, spear, steep, summit, thunder, troops, warrior, withdraw, yield
19bench, confront, daisy, dispute, horror, incident, mist, object, orphan, plot, pregnant,
rage, revenge, shame, sigh, sneak, spare, stem, supper, tender
20beneath, cub, dawn, dissatisfied, ease, evident, hail, howl, leap, magnificent, necessity,
outcome, pile, profound, seize, squeeze, supreme, terrific, trait, vital
21accustomed, affirm, astonished, bang, clan, dim, emphasis, fable, feast, glow, hollow,
instinct, joint, leak, physician, sacrifice, stiff, stroke, tragic, tune
22accustomed, affirm, astonished, bang, clan, dim, emphasis, fable, feast, glow, hollow,
instinct, joint, leak, physician, sacrifice, stiff, stroke, tragic, tune
23Aborigine, ban, cautious, confess, cottage, daytime, desperate, fade, fierce, gamble,
lawn, mow, outlaw, prospect, purse, rod, seldom, shave, terrified, wizard
24baggage, bulb, bundle, cattle, flee, graze, greed, herd, initiate, lane, luggage, nerve,
optimist, parade, pave, phantom, portable, poster, scratch, symphony, widow
25circulate, consequent, derive, drown, dynasty, fraction, frost, illusion, invade, lieutenant,
marine, merit, navy, polar, ray, resign, suicide, tremble, underlying, via
26alter, aside, autumn, blend, collapse, crush, curve, disgusting, drain, embrace, envy,
fireworks, flour, fuse, ginger, jealous, paste, receipt, wipe, wire
27acknowledge, ambassador, blonde, conquer, drag, exaggerate, heritage, insult, meanwhile,
necklace, noble, precious, prejudice, rumor, sin, spectacle, stack, suspicious, tin, vase
28ache, arctic, canal, chemist, chill, congress, dairy, descend, grocer, hesitate, institution,
jog, merchant, poke, postpone, splash, stubborn, suburb, tide, tragedy
29bomb, certificate, circumstance, coffin, cope, criticism, devastate, frown, gaze, glance,
grief, groom, license, microscope, nuclear, portray, rotate, souvenir, submarine, trace
30appliance, basin, broom, caterpillar, cupboard, delicate, emerge, handicap, hook, hop,
laundry, pursue, reluctant, sleeve, spine, stain, strip, swear, swing, utilize
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