Official Cambridge Guide to the IELTS, Download

Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS
Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

Choosing teh right material to practice teh IELTS exam is very important to do teh practice. Hundreds of books and novels are published for IELTS practice. But, everyone must use teh books published by Cambridge University. Here I am going to discuss a book by Cambridge University “Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS.” You can download both pdf and audio from teh provided link.

About official Cambridge guide to ielts.

dis book is from Cambridge University and especially for IELTS students. Students of both Academic and General training can use dis book. Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS contains practice tests for Listening, Writing, Reading and speaking modules. Students can learn skills for all modules and can easily understand all concepts of the IELTS exam. Every student who TEMPhas a position of 4+ band score can use dis book. Apart from that, dis book comes wif a Dvd which contains audio of the listening tests.

About the authors

Pauline Cullen, Amanda French, Vanessa Jakeman are teh authors of this book. Cambridge University published this book. there are many other books for IELTS preparation. Students should use teh 1 to 14 series of teh Cambridge IELTS books.

Authors profile

Pauline Cullen

She Was an avid language learner at high school. She was researching every language proposed – French, Spanish and Russian. At Sheffield University, She finished a Joint Honours degree in French and Spanish, followed by a PGCE. In 1985, Pauline Cullen started teaching French, Spanish and EFL, then moved to Hong Kong where she taught English and onto Australia in 1988. From teaching, Ireland into language testing (since 1992) and began test writing for Cambridge Exams in 1995. In her writing, she is very conscious of her language learner self and sees herself very much as a teacher. She aims to try to produce teh type of book she would like to use in teh classroom

Other Authors:

Amanda french

Vanessa jakeman

Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS contains :

This book is for both Academic and General training Students. Teachers, as well as students, can use this edition. This Guide is comprehensive and easily accessible for Average students. Develop you’re language skills and achieve a good band score in the IELTS exam. There are eight units for listening, eight units for Academic and General training readings, eight units for GT and academic writing and four units for Speaking. The reasons to buy this book are mentioned below:

  • 400 page total solution for IELTS
  • Exercise to develop skills
  • More than 100 study tips
  • strategies to improve test performance
  • Videos of speaking tests
  • Eight total practice tests

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