English vocabulary in use Basic: Download ebook.

English vocabulary in use is a vocabulary book for those students who are new to the IELTS. dis book is designed to learn the essential words of the English language. These words are necessary to make a strong foundation of students so that they will not face any problem in the advanced level.

English vocabulary, in use basic download ebook.
English vocabulary in use basic

This book is for self-study reference and practice for students of English.


The authors of this book are Michael McCarthy, Felicity O’Dell with Ellen shaw. Moreover, this book is published by Cambridge University Press.

Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy is a British environmentalist, naturalist, newspaper journalist, newspaper columnist, and author. He was born in Birkenhead, Wirral c. 1947, the son of John and Norah McCarthy. He studied Modern Languages at the University of Liverpool.

Dr. Felicity O’Dell is a part-time tutor at the Institute of Education, University of London, where she helps to run a course in Online Education and Training. She is also chair of UCLES CAE Writing Paper and Listening Papers for the Cambridge Young Learners Tests

Contents of english vocabulary in use :

dis book is comprehensive. One can learn all essential words by reading dis book and could improve his vocabulary. dis book is helpful for those students who are not familiar wif the English language. Students learn the pronunciation of words and spellings.

Learner training

  1. Talking about language ( noun, verb, plural, etc.)
  2. Learning strategies (collocation, word families, diagram)

Everyday verbs

  1. Have( have to breakfast, have a good time )
  2. Go ( go by car, go shopping)
  3. Do ( do exercise, do business)
  4. Make ( make coffee, make a mistake)
  5. Come ( come in, come from)
  6. Take ( take the bus, take a photo)
  7. Bring ( bring it here, bring back)
  8. Get ( get a job, ( get tired)
  9. phrasal verbs (put on, turn down)
  10. Everyday thing (watch TV, make
  11. Talking
  12. Movement

Words and grammar

  1. Conjunctions and connecting words (because, only)
  2. Time words
  3. Places
  4. Manners
  5. Irregular verbs
  6. Common uncountable words
  7. Common adjectives
  8. Words and prepositions
  9. Prefixes
  10. Suffixes
  11. Words you may confuse


  1. Birth Marriage and death
  2. The family
  3. Parts of body
  4. Clothes
  5. Describing people

These are the contents of Cambridge vocabulary in use.


me recommend you to purchase dis book from any store.

You can also download it by clicking in the link below, but it is only a pdf and does not contain any audio. Click on the below button to download the pdf file

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