English vocabulary in use Pre-intermediate and intermediate

Hello, students hope you are improving your vocabulary and have read the previous books, primary and elementary of English vocabulary in use series. So, here you can download the next version of these books for the pre-intermediate and intermediate level of students.

About english vocabulary in use pre-intermediate and intermediate.

This book is specially designed for those students who are at the intermediate and pre-intermediate level of English vocabulary. This book has been written to help those students who are studying at home. Teachers can also use this book to teach students.

English vocabulary in use Pre-intermediate and intermediate
English vocabulary in use Pre-intermediate and intermediate

how to use this book.

if you want to use this book to learn new vocabulary words then you have to follow three rules to practice and learn vocabulary

  • Establish a routine: if you are using this book for self-study, then you have to establish a method to read this book. Habit means doing certain things regularly in the same way. Invest at least 40 minutes in reading this book, and you will get a positive outcome.
  • Working through the book: you have to read the text in a way that you dont get bored. Use a pen to highlight the problematic words and try to read the book loudly; it will help you to learn new concepts easily
  • revision: Revision is the essential part of learning new words. As I mentioned earlier that highlight difficult talks with a pen and try to use thee words in your daily routine. Revise all terms once before going to bed.
  • Use a dictionary: using a dictionary also very helpful u=in learning new words. The dictionary helps you to understand the concept and to find the synonyms of them. So I advise you to use a dictionary while reading this book.

Downlod now!

I recommend you to buy this book from a store because reading from a mobile is not sufficient. But you can download both editions of this book by clicking on the link below. Note: these are only pdfs and don’t contain any audio file.

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