Describe your first day at school

Well, Every person wants his school days back, because at primary schools he had the most precious moments of his life. I have been to two schools in my life. First I had studied in a kindergarten school and then I get enrolled in SBS public school. Here I would talk about my first day at SBS public school.

describe your first day at school

SBS public school is a co-educational institute and well-known for its service. On the first day, my father dropped me at the front of the school gate. I strode over to the school and gazed at the whole school building. When I entered school, I met one of my colleagues from the last school. I was delighted to see him.

We both entered the classroom and had our seats. Other students were gawking at us. Our class in charge introduced us to others and explained the curriculum. I made new friends that day. At break time we roamed the whole school after having our lunch. There were two big lawns with slides installed.

All the staff members were well qualified. The principal of our school was a lady. She was very considerate. This school had more faculties than our old school and also the level of education and the way of teaching was better.

The whole school was full of green plants and trees. The classrooms Contained all vital equipment that makes a good ambience for study.

At sharp 2 pm, the school bell was rung and all learners started leaving the classroom. We both went to the school’s main gate where my father was waiting for me. I said goodbye to my friend and we made our way back home.

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