Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood | SAMPLE ANSWER


Well, toys are indispensable to childhood. Kids always wish to have more toys. Moreover, toys also play a crucial role in a child’s mental and physical growth. When I was a child, I had many toys, and here I am going to talk about my Favourite from them.

Actually, it was a remote-controlled car 🚘. I vividly remember that I used to play hourly with it. It was yellow in color.

I had watched an advertisement for this toy on the television, and I always desired to have it. Those days one of my uncles, who is living in America, was on holiday. It was my birthday party, and we invited him to the celebration.

While cutting the cake, my uncle gifted me with this excellent toy car. I was on cloud nine and thanked my uncle for making my dream come true.

Some days after, this became my favorite toy. It had many features like it was manipulated by a remote. We could move it in any direction by a controller. It was producing hawking sounds after pressing a button. After returning from school, I used to play with it. My friends also came to my house to see this car, but I was very possessive about it and never let them play with it. Even at night, I used to sleep with it.

After some months, I was playing with it, and suddenly it stopped working. I told my mother to get it repaired, but he didn’t listen to me. Even though this car is not working and in run-down condition, I have placed it on my study table, and it often reminds me of my glorious childhood days.

Follow up Questions :

Q1.What is the difference between the girl’s and boy’s toys?

Well, Boys habitually like violent toys like guns, wagons, trucks, and sports equipment. On the other hand, girls like dolls and domestic toys like sinks, dishes, stoves.

2. Do you think toys really help in children’s development?

yes, Toys play a significant role in the physical and mental growth of young children. They stimulate play, the development of cognitive skills. in addition to this, children develop their social skills while playing with other kids.

3. Does modern technology have an influence on children’s toys?

Yes, of course, advanced technology has a big impact on toys. Today’s most of the toys are electronic. Today’s toys are more attractive, and kids don’t like playing board games and sports. But, these toys also introduce our child to the latest technology.

4. Have we lost our hand skills such as sewing?

Well, due to the introduction of machines, people don’t like to do any work manually. It saves a lot of time and does the job more perfectly. So after the invention of the sewing machine, sewing by hand has become the thing of the past.

5. What toys are popular with kids in India today?

As I mentioned earlier, today, electronic toys are trendy among kids as these are very attractive and introduce our child to the latest technology. moreover, some other toys like lego bricks and puzzle are also popular

6. in general, do children today have too many toys?

Yes! they have. Today’s parents are swamped in their work, and they don’t have much time to spend with their off-Springs. So, they give them more toys to play with.

7. Do you think playing with electronic toys has a good influence on kids?

Yes, definitely. Toys are indispensable for children and are crucial for a child’s physical and mental development. While playing with toys, kids interact with each other and also develop many other skills.

8. Which do you think is better, for children to play with toys alone or with other kids?

Well, playing with other kids is more beneficial than paying alone. While playing with others, children learn to interact with each other, which boosts the confidence level. Moreover, kids also learn many other skills while engaging with others.

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