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Welcome back guys, today we are going to discuss a very important book for the ielts exam by a well-known publisher of books “Collins”. Collins Writing for the IELTS.

About Collins writing for the ietls :

This book is very usefull to learn and improve the writing. you can become expert in academic and general writing by using this book. Collins writing for the ielts is speacially designed for the students those are beginners and have little or no knowledge of writing.

About the Author :


The Author of Collins writing for ielts is MS ANNELI WILLIAMS. She is a highly experianced ielts teacher and have been teaching ielts from past few years. Anneli is MA TESOL (University of London), MPhil English Lit (University of Glasgow), RSA CELTA (University of Glasgow), BA English Lit (Tufts University). She has writtten many books on ielts, some of them are mentioned below :

  1. Vocabulary for IELTS. Series
  2. The Grammar of Academic English in Collins

Download Collins Writing for the ielts :

Wait 25 seconds to download this book, when the download button appear click it.

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