Describe an important piece of news you got via a message

  1. Who shared the message with you
  2. what was it written
  3. Explain why the news was important

Describe an important piece if news that you received by text message

Sample Answer 2

Gone are the days when people used to send text messages. Nowadays, most people prefer to do video calling. So it is really rare to get text messages except for telecommunication companies. However, last Sunday I got a text message from my friend. It was really strange for her to send a text message because we always commute either through audio calls or video calls.

The message was about the approval of monetization. Actually, my friend wanted to try her luck by creating a youtube channel. She has really good CULINARY SKILLS. She started teaching how to cook different CUISINES on her channel. She was lucky to get views and subscribers on her channel. After hard work, she completed the 3 conditions and became able to monetise her content. She was happy to find a way to set the second source of income. However, it had been three months since she sent a request for monetizing her channel but it was still under process. She was losing hope.

When I read the message that her channel got monetized, I was really happy to read it. Actually, my mobile was switched off because of the battery of my mobile drained. I was not even at home and my friend was trying to share the good news with me. After reaching home I charged my mobile and saw her message. From her message, I could easily judge that she was really excited about it. I immediately called her and from her voice, she seemed like ON SEVENTH HEAVEN. It was really important for her to share that message because everyone from her family was against the idea of creating a Youtube channel. They thought it is a waste of time. That’s why my friend wanted to share her happiness with me. That was the time I got important news via text message

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